Well, here I am..

It would figure that this effort has been building for weeks now, with millions of thoughts and ideas flowing in and out of my mind just waiting to be put down on (digital) paper – and now, here I am totally drawing a blank on what to say…

I am 42 days sober today. It’s a random number, this I know. But it is 17 days away from the longest I’ve been without a drop of alcohol. I wanted to start this blog to make my 90-day milestone, so maybe that’s why I was savoring my “millions of thoughts and ideas” but fuck it.

Why am I here?

In the last 42 days, I have ravenously consumed all the quit lit and sober podcasts I could get my hands on – and I simply cannot get enough. Everyone’s stories about their sobriety are different…but also the same. What I mean is that we are all here on the same journey, but our ticket to entry was procured in different ways. We have unique horror stories and experiences, varying tastes for certain poisons and rituals. Individual times and distinct relapses. And it’s all freaking interesting. I figured that if I am finding so much value in reading/learning about others’ experiences, then maybe someone will feel the same about mine. So I’m here to toss my hat in the ring, strap up my boots and hit the trails on this journey. Happy to have you with me!