New old memories

53 days. I’ve made it through my first sober 4th of July, first sober full moon, and first sober birthday – all in one weekend. Whew!

I’ll be honest though; it wasn’t that difficult to do…at all. I think I may still be riding “the pink cloud” – either way, focusing on the activities that bring me joy has helped to distract me from longing for a drink.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately as my mind reaches new levels of clarity, is the recalling of memories that haven’t passed through my mind in years – more than a decade, in fact. I’m remembering names and faces from what seems like a previous life; memories that feel like new, some good and some very painful; songs that I used to love in junior high that I’d completely forgotten about, etc. Not all of this recollection has been happy, but the truth is that I am grateful that it seems I am uncovering levels of recollection that I didn’t even know I had.

Throughout this sobriety journey, I recognize that my drinking had truly done damage to my physical and mental well-being. I still sometimes struggle to think clearly or respond as quickly to things, as I feel a normal (“normie”) human might.

This journey is about many things but healing is definitely a primary, and it’s working. I am healing. The gift of “new” memories from long ago is proof.

I hope your week is off to a good start, stay well friends.

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