Idol hands (not here!)

JFC where did all of this extra time and energy come from? Oh, that’s right, I’m not wasting it being a wasted waste of space. Got it.

But in all seriousness, today I hit the 65-day mark and just realized how productive I’ve been since eliminating alcohol. So far, I have been relearning history and acknowledging white privilege in order to become a better ally to BIPOC; I’ve been practicing meditation every morning; attempting to switch to a raw vegan diet by experimenting with various new recipes; on the other hand, I’ve been honing my (sub-par) baking skills and trying to make some of my favorite sweets with more wholesome ingredients (banana instead of sugar, for example) – I can’t make up my mind if I want to be uber-healthy or have muffins and cakes every week. I’ve been getting back into volunteering to transport rescue dogs/animals from point A to point B so they can have a chance at a forever home (I transported 9 puppies today!). I’ve been putting in more hours at work, because I want to; am learning about nature-based religions, astrology, characteristics of different gems and crystals, and all things “woo woo” (I freakin’ love it). Shit, I found myself tits deep in Mesoamerican history journals the other night (who even am I?!). Recently, my husband and I purchased a few pieces of vintage furniture to refurbish and resell. So, this weekend I am going to teach myself how to cane a chair, dye velvet, and fix a chair rung. There’s just so much I have been doing, but don’t get me wrong, I have definitely spent my fair share of ass-time on the couch (usually reading though).

I guess I never fully realized how much time was being sucked away from me because of my drinking. And that doesn’t only include time that I spent actively drinking, but also mornings and days I spent doing fuck-nothing because I felt like shit. I’m able to finish a TV show (and shit, even a movie!) and remember what it was about and how it ended – it’s the little things.

So, chalk this up to another bonus for being sober, alcohol-free cheers m’friends!

(Oh shit, forgot to mention I started running every morning too – watch out! The pigs may start flying any day now.)

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