Idol hands (not here!)

JFC where did all of this extra time and energy come from? Oh, that’s right, I’m not wasting it being a wasted waste of space. Got it. But in all seriousness, today I hit the 65-day mark and just realized how productive I’ve been since eliminating alcohol. So far, I have been relearning history and … Continue reading Idol hands (not here!)

New old memories

53 days. I’ve made it through my first sober 4th of July, first sober full moon, and first sober birthday – all in one weekend. Whew! I’ll be honest though; it wasn’t that difficult to do…at all. I think I may still be riding “the pink cloud” – either way, focusing on the activities that … Continue reading New old memories

The Final Straw

I would not say that my drinking was at its worst when I decided to quit once and for all. While I was drinking more in frequency and quantity than a “normal” adult human should, I was nowhere near the point I was about ten years ago (we’ll get to that later). The final straw … Continue reading The Final Straw

Well, here I am..

It would figure that this effort has been building for weeks now, with millions of thoughts and ideas flowing in and out of my mind just waiting to be put down on (digital) paper – and now, here I am totally drawing a blank on what to say… I am 42 days sober today. It’s … Continue reading Well, here I am..

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